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Adar Trans conducts all transfer, transit customs clearance, unloading – loading, stabilizing, providing certificate & global guarantee when necessary, of all your transit or transit trade loadings that needs to be transferred to any road or sea vehicle in Turkish ports or with a port of call in Turkey in order to be sent to a destination in Iraq or Middle East and loaded in one of the states in Europe, America or Africa. We are with you in your transit project installations with our professional team located in Mersin Port, which is the most suitable destination in terms of route and costs.

All of the lashing transactions that we have made in accordance with the international Lashing rules with our educated lashing cadres in the direction of your requests for the transfer of the commodities are subject to certificates of international customs and institutions. Your original certificates are delivered within 1 day after the load stabilization process. The vehicle is dispatched after the load is canvassed following lashing that is made considering all the physical conditions that the vehicle will encounter on the route with all the necessary technical equipment such as chain, rope, safety rope, wedge etc.

You can contact us to get detailed information from our expert team on all your port, especially Mersin Port, or land customs connected transit or transit trade operations.

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Safe Migration Beyond Boundaries

Adar Trans offers complete and partial at door delivery logistics service meeting the general and private road transportation needs of its customers with a vehicle fleet which is fully insured under the all risk insurance guarantee.

Apart from CMR insurance, you are assured that your products are protected against risks such as fire, accident, and stealing with Carrier Liability insurance and special commodity insurance.


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