Moving With Care

We offer many services including weekly regular shipments to all the ports of Middle East with particular containers such as open top, refeer, flat rack, platform or standard containers, depending on the product type and specifications, with contracted special freight and direct service advantages, and partial transportation. Thanks to our experienced team, we also provide additional services such as port operations.
We provide FCL & LCL services to our customers through our active maritime container transportation services to container ports in Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Shuwaikh, Shuaiba, Manama, Aden, Salalah, Sohar, Aqaba, Hodeidah, Sharjah, Umm Qasr.
door-to-door sea freight
Thanks to our partnership agreements and our global network of agents we are able to offer delivery to door, customs clearance and distribution services in all cities of the Middle East.
Upon your demand, we provide DDP, DAP door delivery services to the buyer addresses after completing the procedures and customs clearance processes at the port of discharge.
Africa Ports FCL & LCL
We offer cross-continental professional logistics solutions to many customers based in North Africa thanks to our agreements with significant ship-owners in the global level, our extensive network of agencies and our national memberships.
Our North Africa service is conducted with weekly regular shipments from Mersin, Ambarlı, İzmit Gulf, Gemlik and İzmir ports to Ports Said, Alexandria, Casablanca, Rades, Bizerte, Sausse, Annaba, Oran, Algeciras and Port Sudan, the active container ports of Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Sudan.
special equipment supply
We are safely loading your goods that do not fit our standard containers to open-top, platform, flat rack containers and delivering your loads out of gauge to the ports in Middle East and North Africa.
We are providing rational solutions to our customers in all of certified lashing, delivery of cargo in internal destinations using equipment diversity, noticing police & gendarmerie and taking road permits if necessary, port loading and storage services, competitive prices, customs clearance and documentation process after loading at shipping port or your depot.
Mersin Transshipment & Transit customs clearance
Thanks to our Mersin office and port team, we complete the transit customs clearance and transfer operations of commodity that is subject to transit or transit trade and coming to Turkey on transition from any point in the World to Middle Eastern countries by road or by sea within maximum 2 days after arrival at Mersin port.
All the processes including providing related documents, determination of customs tariff statistics position, getting relevant permits (Veterinary, agricultural, health certificate, etc.), writing, approval, inspection and determination of proclamations, providing and loading of the vehicle or container to be transferred, agency lounges, collateral, warehouse, overtime etc. processes and payments to be made and shipment to the border gate or the country are followed by us and instantly reported to our valuable customers.
reefer container services
Adar Trans, aware of the importance of preserving the food products of our exporters from the delivery to arrival point, is gaining a strong experience and expertise day by day in transporting chilled and frozen foods, and freshly produced goods such as fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products and medicines with reefer containers.
Reefer containers, sent to your address with our genset domestic transportation vehicles, are directed to the loading addresses after the heat setting, cleaning and maintenance processes in the depots firstly, and then they are checked again at the entrance of the ports; thus, we deliver the goods to the buyers without any deformation until the delivery stage of the products.
Weekly LCL Consolidation
We offer the possibility of regular partial shipment to Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Doha, Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Salalah, Bahrain, Port Said, Alexandria, Amman, Aqaba, Casablanca and Misurata ports every week by providing you with contemporary and affordable transportation plans thanks to our reliable consolidated services..
we provide safe loading at all levels of the supply chain with our packaging services based on demand. Although changing according to Arrival Port; our partial service loaded every week on Fridays is at your service, not according to container occupancy rate, but with definite departure guarantee.
100% customer satisfaction guarantee
Most of our customers, who are active in Construction, Furniture, Machinery, Textile, Food, Foreign Trade, Carpet, On Vehicle Equipment, Electricity, Water Infrastructure services, Aluminum and Metal Sectors, are working with Adar Trans for many years thanks to our 24/7 accessibility, accurate and timely reports on every stage of installation, our staff working with a corporate and boutique service understanding and continuous innovation principle and our knowledge and experience at consulting level.
You can contact our expert team to explore the privileged aspects of working with Adar Trans.


Companies are now in a race with time as a result of the developing technology, competition conditions and unlimited service understanding. With regards to international maritime transport, we offer FCL / LCL service to all ports of the Middle East for import & export transportation with our wide agency network. You can get 24/7 service from our maritime transport department on destinations including EGYPT – MOROCCO – TUNISIA – ALGERIA – SUDAN – LUBAN – JORDAN – SUUDI ARABIA – UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – KUWAIT – KATAR – UMAN – BAHREYN – YEMEN – In IRAQ – SYRIA – IRAN.



Adar Trans offers complete and partial at door delivery logistics service meeting the general and private road transportation needs of its customers with a vehicle fleet which is fully insured under the all risk insurance guarantee.

Apart from CMR insurance, you are assured that your products are protected against risks such as fire, accident, and stealing with Carrier Liability insurance and special commodity insurance.

What we provide

Full Container
Door delivery shipping to Middle East countries
Overseas Customs Clearance service
Bonded truck service
Name account special rates
DDP Door delivery shipments
Weekly regular LCL container service
Direct service to major ports of middle east
Door to door LCL sea freight service
Port to port LCL sea freight
DAP door delivery LCL sea freight
Regular service to all middle east countries
Special Equipment
Open top ,flat rack container services
Door to door reefer containers
Door delivery Flat rack & Open top container service
Certificated lashing for special cargoes
Special containers to all middle east countries
All risk insurance for all shipments
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