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Middle East door delivery
Our company providing door-to-door and non-stop transportation services to all destinations in countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Yemen, Bahrain and Oman with regards to Middle East transport services possesses the power to intervene in problems in the field by providing instant solutions to the rapidly changing conditions of the region.
Thanks to our offices located in Iraq and Saudi Arabia countries, we deliver the goods to the final destination after completing all the customs procedures for exporting on behalf of your buyer or our companies if if the buyer does not have a customs register.
Iraq, iran LTL
We carry out your export and transit trade loads safely with at least 4 regular departures every week with regards to Iraq and Iran partial transport services. We deliver your goods with a transit duration guarantee to cities like Arbil, Duhok, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Baghdad, Basra, Kerbela, Tehran, Tabriz, Bandar Abbas, Zencan, Isfahan after taking them from your mentioned addresses, warehouses and ports in Istanbul Anatolian and European sides and completing the customs clearance procedures.
suudi arabia & jordan LTL
Adar Trans is providing weekly regular partial service to the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Amman and Aqaba with fully insured vehicles as well as offering customized door delivery options to its customers.
Our Saudi Arabia partial transport vehicles reach Iskenderun by road and then reach Saudi Arabia Duba port by RO-RO vessels from Iskenderun Port. After completing customs procedures in Duba, the goods are delivered to the specified delivery addresses by road transportation.
Azerbaijan & Georgia LTL
We export your 3rd country and transit trade loads to many points of Azerbaijan and Georgia, especially Baku, Tbilisi and Batumi, and we offer the advantage of quality with our weekly regular service.
With 24/7 monitoring and control principle, the most up-to-date locations and developments of vehicles are provided with continuous information flow to our customers in regular reports by our staff expert in Azerbaijan and Georgia partial transportation.
project logistics
Following the completion of the stages, such as safe conducts and route planning, certified lashing, survey, commodity insurance and procurement of documents required before and during the transportation, we can carry heavy parts up to 80 meters in length and 1000 tons in weight such as reactors, transformers, generators, turbines, convectors, work machines and beams thanks to our fleet including modular system hydraulic platform trailers, hydraulic and lowbed trailers.
Adar Trans serving to companies established and rooted in Turkey and Middle East in the fields of crane, oil, construction, tank and industry in the field of project transportation.
all risk insurance
All road transportations you will do with our company are protected against all damages that the goods may suffer, including external risks and factors.
You are protected twice with all risks commodity insurance that we use other than CMR insurance.
import customs clearance services at Iraq & suudi arabia
Adar Trans, serving in Iraq and Saudi Arabia land customs thanks to our existing liaison offices in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, offers services including customs clearance, full inspection, payment of import duties and completion of customs clearance and DDP transportation to the door of the buyer.
Our team continues to provide professional solutions to its customers in places like Iraq and Saudi Arabia where requires professional work because of difficult customs legislation and procedures thanks to years of local experience and solution partners.
bonded truck services
We provide Global Guaranteed Transportation Service between all customs, border crossing, port, and Free Zones within the borders of Turkey with vehicles registered to C2 certificate.
The Common Transit Regime (TR, T1, T2, EU Entry Summary Declaration) is a system aimed at accelerating the transaction of the transit goods and reducing the costs by reducing the base time and reducing the time loss of exporting and importing companies
With global guarantee we provide our customers with a global guarantee from one internal customs to a different one, from the customs gate to the border customs gate, from the customs gate to the other customs gate and from the customs gate to an internal customs.


With its International Road Transportation service Adar Trans establishes highway bridges between Turkey and Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen.

Adar Trans, which provides professional services in all points of the Middle East countries in accordance with the geological and political conditions of the region, maximizes customer satisfaction thanks to the success of its deep-rooted experience in challenging regions

While providing services in some countries like Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia with our own branches, we provide on-site service to customers in hundreds of different cities, in many other Middle Eastern countries, with agency relationships established with leading logistics service providers of every country

Our entire large vehicle fleet is equipped with loading systems and fittings in accordance with the customs legislation and are also all insured under all risk insurance at the same time.

We, as Adar Trans, have always been ready to provide service above customer expectations and we are happy to be a good solution partner as well as providing transportation service to our customers by succeeding in forming storage and transfer areas as well as machinery equipment and liaison offices in many points of the Middle East.

Our company is ready to serve you in standard and heavy transportation with its superior services in ISO quality standards by carrying out your goods safely, reliably and in the shortest time with the understanding that offers private solutions to every customer.

Professional Business Partner

Moving With Care…

Adar Trans offers complete and partial at door delivery logistics service meeting the general and private road transportation needs of its customers with a vehicle fleet which is fully insured under the all risk insurance guarantee.

Apart from CMR insurance, you are assured that your products are protected against risks such as fire, accident, and stealing with Carrier Liability insurance and special commodity insurance.


Door to door transportation
Destination customs clearance
Bonded trucks for transit shipments
Express transportation options
Daily status reports
Tented,reefer,flatbed trucks
Weekly regular LTL trucks
Transit trade from ware house & bonded areas , ports
Tır carnet, T1, Processes
On re-export basis processes
1-7 Days free warehousing
Out of gauge and out of height transportation
Road permission & Escort services
Certificated lashing services
Heavy-Goods transportations services
Steam and gas turbines
Transformers, condensers and heat boilers
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