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Apart from standard transport types, Adar Trans provides full-timed and logical solutions for loads out of gauge measurement and heaviness in line with the needs of exporters thanks to its staff expert in the region and extensive network of agencies.
We are able to transport the necessary machinery and equipment in many sectors like construction, petroleum and energy to the Middle East countries like Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Yemen safely and on time.
We have developed custom security and escort services for our customers who export to countries in the Middle East, where risk and political problems are concentrated, like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc. where security requirements are at their maximum. Due to repetition, or even continuation of civil and social wars and social uprisings from time to time, we are also providing convoy and escort services 24 hours a day, with our 24/7 ready armed and specially trained security teams and our bodyguards who are heavily armed based on special permits.
our heavy transport vehicles
The vehicles we use for logistics services we offer you for your heavy shipping projects out of gauge to Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman include lowbed loaders, platform telescopic loader, two-axle pool lowbed, three-axle pool lowbed, four-axle pool lowbed, five-axle pool lowbed and six-axle pool lowbed.
You can contact our Project Department for detailed information, feasibility, route and price information about our vehicles.
Adar Trans provides project transportation services for all of the conflict regions of the Middle East for your heavy cargoes. Zaho, Arbil, Dohuk, Sulaymaniyah, Mosul, Baghdad, Rumailah, Nasiriyah, Basrah, Najaf, Umm Qasr, Aleppo, Sham, Amman, Aqaba, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Mecca, Medina, Doha, Shuwaikh, Shuaiba, Sanaa, Aden , Salalah, Muscat are among the cities where we operate to regularly. We use two different transport modes, namely road and road + Ro-Ro according to the conditions, for these cities. With Adar Trans heavy goods have unlimited freedom of movement in the Middle East.
Adar Trans carries out all the transfer, transit customs clearance, unloading - loading, stabilizing, certificate providing & global guarantee when necessary processes of all your transit or transit trade loads which needs to be transferred to any sea or road vehicle in Turkish ports or with a haunt in Turkey in order to be sent to any destination in Iraq or the Middle East, loaded from European, American or African countries. We are with you in your transit project loadings with our professional team located in Mersin Port, which is the most suitable destination in terms of route and costs.
All our lashing procedures carried out in line with international lashing rules and with our specially trained lashing staff for your heavy transportations to Middle East are subject to certificated recognized by international customs and institutions. Your original certificates are delivered within 1 day after the load stabilization process. After lashing that is done considering all the technical equipment including chain, rope, spanzet, wedge and all the physical conditions on the route, the load is canvassed and delivered.
We offer you the vehicles and technical equipment needed for out of gauge and heavy transportation as well as road permits and route feasibility services at the highest quality.
In line with the needs of our customers, we obtain road permits for out of gauge and heavy transportation after submitting necessary documents to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications via our staff based in Ankara and inform the police/gendermarie when needed.
With regards to the out of gauge heavy-goods transportations services, factories, power plants and pipelines, steam and gas turbines, transformers, condensers and heat boilers, cranes, tanks and pressure vessels, windmills, desiccants, chimneys and iron/steel ovens, oil stations, ship engines, port equipment, tower crane trucks are among the equipment types we have successfully completed the transportation.
After the detailed feasibility and choice of route and vehicles for safety made by our staff expert in the Middle East geography, we carry out the related transportation along with our escorts, road permits and lashing services.


We, as Adar Trans, have the principle of serving to our customers above their expectation, and managed to establish depots and transfer areas as well as machine equipment and liaison offices in many points in Middle East; thus, we are happy to be a good solution partner as well as providing transportation service to our customers.

In international and domestic heavy transportations, we carry out road and maritime transportation projects with relevant cranes and trailers suitable for the loads out of standard measures and by providing lashing, crane leasing, road analysis, customs and warehousing services in the direction of the demand of the customer.

We have liaison offices and agents and transfer areas and machinery & equipment abroad, in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Syria, Jordan, Qatar, Dubai, Yemen, Oman, and in our country, in Mardin, Silopi, Mersin, Hatay. In this way our transportations are fast and easy.

Our company is carrying out your transportations safely, reliably and in the shortest time with the understanding that offers special solutions to all the customers and is ready to serve you in heavy transportation with its superior services of ISO quality standards.

You can get information and support from our road and maritime project transportation department 24/7 in IRAQ, SYRIA, IRAN, LEBANON, JORDAN, SUUDI ARABIA, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, KUWAIT, QATAR, UMAN, BAHRAIN, YEMEN destinations.



Adar Trans offers complete and partial at door delivery logistics service meeting the general and private road transportation needs of its customers with a vehicle fleet which is fully insured under the all risk insurance guarantee.

Apart from CMR insurance, you are assured that your products are protected against risks such as fire, accident, and stealing with Carrier Liability insurance and special commodity insurance.


Transshipment and warehouse solutions for heavy cargoe
Technical equipment supply services
Crane and survey supply
Road permit services
Escort services for OOG shipments
Lashing and packing services
Fletbed trailer
Platform telecopic trailers
2 Extendable Lowbed with Axle Pool
4 Axle Hydraulic Pool Extendable Lowbed
6 Axle “Multimax” Extendable Lowbed with Hydraulic Pool
8 Axle “Multimax” Extendable Lowbed with Hydraulic Poo
We Serve for
Transformer Transportations
Construction Equipment Transportations
Energy Station Transportations
Oilfield & Energy Equipments Transportations
Concrete Station Transportations
Stone crusher , Screening Plant Transportations
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