There are no difficulties that we cannot handle thanks to our confident staff who never give up. We owe our success to performing with a fast and boutique service understanding. As a highly motivated and serviceable expert and constructive team, we provide best solutions to our customers and we are passionate about it.

According to Adar Trans, the imagination is a precious, innate treasure that is given to the human beings. It is very important how this treasure is protected. Every new and fresh thing keeps our imagination alive. We are inviting you, our valuable exporters, to learn more about our team, the permanent advocate of all kinds of original and innovative ideas that give new opportunities and provide competitive advantage to our customers


Adar Trans, reinforcing its way of work integrating logic, emotions and conscious with the inspiration from technology, always offers integrated, flexible and rational solutions to its customers. Adar Trans’ significant presence in the Middle East serves its customers’ successes while at the same time providing environmental, financial and social benefits.

Our customers, our colleagues or anyone in our circle; it does not make any difference … For Adar Trans people come before anything. People are the most precious key to create value and reach our goals. To us, sincerity is a golden key that opens every door and we are very fortunate to have that key.

We offer the best service to our customers that deserve the most in every business we do. We never forget the fact that their success is our success.


For Adar Trans employees, our customers come first. We respect our customers and their success as we respect society and environment, and we see ethical values ​​indispensable. As an institution that carries the responsibility of every step we take, we believe that a sustainable future is only possible on this account. The belief we have to bold initiatives and angles other than ordinary methods adds to our and to our customers’ strength.

To provide true, trustable and solution based logistics and consultancy services in line with ethical principles with our expert team.
To maintain our success as the logistics company that is pioneer in the sector, an example with its services and first preferred by the customers.
The right choice for your projects
we like what we do


Our team has the expertise and ability to be able to instantly find solutions, not only at the desk but also in the field, to the geographical and political problems of the region, as being specialized in the field of land/maritime/project transportation in the Middle East…

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